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David Barber retires as Chief Clerk

News 10th April 2018

After 25 years as Chambers Chief Clerk and coming up to 40 years at Pump Court, we would like to extend our best wishes to David Barber who will retire on Friday 27th April 2018.

David started his career as a clerk more than 40 years ago at a specialist civil set and was soon invited to join Pump Court in London as a Second Junior Clerk progressing to First Junior a couple of years later. In 1988 Dave moved to Winchester to run our newly opened Chambers and was promoted to Chief Clerk in 1993. Under his stewardship Chambers has become recognised as a leading set within the areas Civil, Criminal and Family law, more than doubling in size to 102 members, as well the appointment of many former members to the judiciary.

Head of Chambers, Oba Nsugbe QC, SAN said: “It is only right that at this time of impending change, I express my own personal gratitude to ‘the big man’. David took over as Chief Clerk at 3 Pump Court (as it was then known) some 25 years ago. By June of this year he will have been in Chambers for a remarkable 40 years. In my 14 years as Head of Chambers, through good times and bad, David has always provided myself and Chambers with his unwavering support and loyalty. He is an excellent manager of people, unafraid of change, and an extremely astute problem solver. I know that former members and Heads of Chambers would all say the same. He is able to solve the most difficult of problems because he is loved and respected by our barristers, clients and staff alike.”

“Fortunately, he will remain with us part time after April for a period of time, so we will continue to see him and enjoy his uniquely self-depreciating sense of humour, gruff voice and hugely convivial company. I would also like to formally welcome Tony Atkins into the role of Senior Clerk, wishing him the very best in this exciting new chapter of his career and chambers.”

David Barber stepped down as Chief Clerk on Thursday 29th March 2018 and the mantle has been taken by Tony Atkins, our former Deputy and Senior Family Clerk.

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