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Webinar Archive 1st December 2023

Foreign Language Clients

  Oliver Foy talks through some issues which can arise with foreign language clients, focusing on witness statements and interpreters. The slides from the session can be viewed here.

Webinar Archive 1st December 2023

Default Judgments and Setting Aside Default Judgments – Rebekah Batt

  In this webinar, Rebekah Batt, provides an overview of default judgments and setting aside default judgments including the relevant time limits, the grounds on which a default judgment can be set aside and the implications of recent decision in FXF v English Karate Association Ltd [2023] EWCA Civ 891.

Webinar Archive 1st December 2023

Introduction to CPR Part 36 – Nida Ali

  In this webinar, Nida Ali explains Section I of CPR Part 36 – the pivotal carrot and stick provision that all civil practitioners should understand to avoid being caught out in negotiations. With reference to key case law, this webinar discusses the central tenets of the self-contained code that is designed to reward genuine […]

Webinar Archive 1st December 2023

Requests for Further Information – Albert Gibbon

  In this webinar, Albert Gibbon provides an overview of Part 18 requests for further information. Albert offers a summary on making requests, responding to them, and making applications to court regarding said requests. He also provides his perspective on when and why requests might be made and responded to.

Webinar Archive 27th November 2023

Interim Payments: The Low Down – Louisa Simpson

  In this episode of the new practitioner webinar series, Louisa Simpson gives the low-down on Interim Payments in Personal Injury claims, including some practical tips for making IP applications. Click here to read Louisa’s accompanying article on the topic.

Webinar Archive 25th November 2022

The RTA Protocol

In this webinar, Louisa Simpson covers the RTA Protocol.   Topics covered include: Applicability of the RTA Protocol; The Protocol upper & lower limits; Stage 1 – the CNF and Response; Stage 2 – settlement, timing, medical evidence and soft tissue injuries, & interim payments; Stage 3 – failure to reach agreement, Defendant’s response & […]

Webinar Archive 18th November 2022

Highway Claims

In this webinar, Oliver Foy provides an overview of a highway authority’s statutory duty under section 41 of the Highways Act 1980 and the statutory defence under section 58.   To download a copy of the slides which accompany this webinar please click here.   For further information on Oliver’s practice or to discuss any […]

Webinar Archive 11th November 2022

Credit Hire – A Beginners Guide

This presentation, by Henry Hawkesworth, is a whistle-stop tour of the issues which arise in a standard credit-hire claim. It is aimed at those who are new to the area, and provides several insights from the point of view of a practitioner who frequently deals with these cases in the county court. It deals briefly […]

Webinar Archive 4th November 2022

Small Claims and the New Protocol for PI Small Claims

In this webinar, Rebekah Batt covers the new protocol for personal injury claims on the small claims track. Topics covered include: When the small claims track applies; Specific features of the small claims track; When the new protocol applies; How liability and quantum are dealt with under the new protocol; and Important time limits and […]

Webinar Archive 28th October 2022

Fixed Costs

In this webinar, Timothy Salisbury highlights the basis of various types of fixed costs within the CPR relevant to Personal Injury litigation.  This presentation highlights some quirks and potential pitfalls of the fixed recoverable costs (“FRC”) regime and includes some worked examples to illustrate how FRC are calculated in practice. To download a copy of […]

Webinar Archive 12th October 2022

Limitations and practical considerations

In this webinar, Lucy Plumpton mainly cover the topic of limitation, with a small section bringing together some tips for running personal injury claims well from the outset. This presentation is aimed at solicitors working on behalf of Claimants.   Topics covered include: – Limitation a) Key points b) Calculating time c) Date of knowledge […]

Webinar Archive 27th August 2022

Indemnity – The Basics

In this webinar, Antonia Ford covers the basics necessary to understand the legal implications and practical considerations associated with indemnity in road traffic insurance. The webinar works through the tree of indemnity and provide guidance on when indemnity can be avoided and how this effects litigation proposed following road traffic accidents. To download a copy […]


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