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Blog 24th October 2017

Martin Revisited – the meaning of ‘supply’ in the context of ‘being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug

In Martin, the legal interpretation of the word ‘supply’ in the context of ‘being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug to another’ was significantly altered, changing the way that it had been understood for the previous 29 years. In Martin, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd CJ stated that ‘the ‘word “supply” is a broad […]

Blog 3rd October 2017

Discrimination: something arising from disability

It is no secret that there are immense pressures upon teaching staff in UK schools at present. Teacher shortages, increased workloads, and constant assessments have lead to stressful working environments across the country. These environments can affect some more than others, particularly those with disabilities. In the recent case of City of York Council v […]

Blog 26th July 2017

Employment tribunal fees unlawful

Tribunal Fees: What we suspected all along! No impact on tribunal costs, no impact on reducing unmeritorious claims, indirectly discriminatory to women and did not result in more ACAS settlements. Today is a good news day for access to justice (and for employment lawyers!) In a pivotal judgment based on the principle of access to […]

Blog 18th April 2017

Wilson v Lassman (Executor of the Estate of Wilson)[2017] EWHC 85 (Ch)

This case illustrates the need for care when approaching probate claims. Facts C sought an order, pronouncing, against his late father’s will, and revoking the grant of probate obtained by D as executor and sole beneficiary under the will. C contended that the will was not validly executed contrary to S.9 Wills Act 1837. The […]

Blog 27th March 2017

Practical tips for ex-parte non-molestation orders

On 18 January 2017, the President of the Family Division issued ‘The Practice Guidance on the Duration of Ex-Parte (Without Notice) Orders’. A few months on, this article is intended to give some practical guidance as to how to approach Non-Molestation Orders in practice. 1. The duration of the Order The guidance from the President […]

Blog 13th March 2017

Drugs and hair strand testing

Hayden j has just handed down Iago’s offer “But yet, I say, If imputation and strong circumstances Which lead directly to the door of truth Will give you satisfaction, you may haven’t.” Mr Justice Baker in Bristol City v A [2012] EWHC 2548 Fam, [2013] 2FLR 1153 considered that the science involved in hair strand […]

Blog 27th February 2017

Consultation on a new practice direction on the particpation of vulnerable witnesses and parties in family proceedings

1. On 23rd February 2017 consultation on a new PD3AA was issued. The new PD3AA is entitled: “Vulnerable Persons: Participation in Proceedings and Giving Evidence”. 2. There has also been widespread reporting in the media about the cross-examination of those alleging abuse, whether sexual, physical, financial or a combination by their alleged abusers. The two […]

Blog 1st February 2017

Marital agreements: individual autonomy and fairness

There have been many significant developments in this area of the law in recent years, with a number of reported decisions dealing with marital agreements having been reported over the last year. I have had my fair share of cases involving marital agreements, most recently concerning a separation agreement which the parties had entered into […]

Blog 29th July 2016

Heather Platt reviews restrictive covenants for LexisNexis

Heather Platt’s article for LexisNexis considers the enforceability of restrictive covenants in the agricultural industry. This article was first published on LexisPSL Employment on 28 June 2016. Enforceability of post-termination restrictive covenants within the agricultural industry 28/06/2016 Employment analysis: The recent case of Pickwell v Pro Cam considered the enforceability of post-termination of employment restrictive […]

Blog 6th June 2016

The Notional Digital Family Court: Lessons from our Criminal Counterparts

One of the interesting aspects of having a mixed common law practice is the opportunity to observe the differing ways in which the criminal, family, and civil courts deal with the more practical aspect of court life. Over the past few months the Crown Court has ‘gone digital’ with the long awaited, and much discussed, […]

Blog 20th April 2016

When wrongful isn’t necessarily unfair

Unfair dismissal claims? We’ve all done a million of them. Maybe not that many but I am simply applying the same exaggeration that goes onto most Claimant’s schedules of loss. The Claimant wants to go into the nuts and bolts of the claim and to prove that he or she has not acted in a […]

Blog 12th April 2016

Rehabilitation and the delay principle

On 23rd March 2016 the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Re FM (A Child) [2016] EWCA Civ 189 was published. This was an appeal from a decision of HHJ Bond sitting in the Bournemouth Family Court in November 2015. The decision appealed against was the decision to make a special guardianship order to […]

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