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Imogen Robins MCIArb

Call: 1991

Imogen Robins
  • Inns of Court School of Law, London
  • LLB (Hons)
  • MCIArb – Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Western Circuit
  • Ecclesiastical Law Society
  • Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA)

Instructing Imogen Robins MCIArb

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A highly experienced barrister working exclusively in family law, Imogen is sought after for her expertise in representing clients in both complex finance and children cases. Recommended in both Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500 as a leading barrister in her field, clients appreciate her approachable manner, attention to detail and dogged determination. She is valued for her ability to handle sensitive and complex cases in a calm and robust manner. She represents clients at all levels of the family court.

Imogen is a solutions-focused barrister, she aims to work collaboratively with solicitors and clients to achieve the optimum outcome.  She does not shy away from robust representation in court.  She is acutely aware of how painful family separation can be and is empathic and compassionate in her dealings with clients.

Imogen will always strive for the best outcome for her clients offering a bespoke service to the individual.

Imogen represents individuals in financial remedies upon divorce and in cohabitation disputes. In financial remedies cases, she represents medium to high-net-worth individuals.  Her cases involve consideration of business assets, pension funds, disclosure issues, tax issues and third-party interests. She is recognised as a leading individual in The Legal 500 for her financial remedies work. Her experience includes claims under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

In private law children cases, Imogen’s work is centred on representing clients in complex and significant cases. These include allegations of parental alienation and intractable contact disputes, where expert evidence is required from psychologists or other professional experts.  Her cases often have an international and cross-jurisdictional element. Imogen’s work includes relocation cases, where a party wants to take a child abroad, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Other testimonials include:

Client 1 – Review for support from Imogen during my divorce process

Whilst playing only a relatively small part in the process of my divorce Imogen made a huge difference in achieving a positive outcome for me. She was very clear about what could realistically be achieved so there would be no surprises. She went out of her way to make me feel supported and understand the process I was going to experience during the court hearing. She had taken the time to fully understand what had been happening in my case and went above and beyond to clarify to the judge what I was asking for and why. It really did make a huge difference and her preparation, I feel, was the major factor in finally reaching an agreement with my now ex-husband.

She made sure that I wasn’t on my own at the end of a zoom call, booking me into her offices where I could be fully supported. It also meant that we could have face-to-face discussions and come to rapid agreements that brought about a swift end to what had turned into an extremely long, emotional and difficult process.

I cannot speak highly enough of her or thank her enough for the compassion she showed me on that exceptionally difficult day. 

Client 2

Imogen was at first just the name of a barrister with a good reputation and wealth of experience recommended as just what I needed for my case; a barrister that two separate solicitors—from two completely different firms—had mentioned as their first choice for the family court I would be attending. 

My case was a complex and difficult one. The bundle was in excess of 1.5k A4 sheets of paper; much of it was not easy reading. Yet despite all of this, Imogen took her duty of care very seriously and seized the task with both hands, getting to work, diligently acquainting herself with the case. It would have been impossible to do this without dedicating a great deal of time and effort. At times it felt like it was her own personal case, one that she cared genuinely about. This goes a long way when it feels like your whole life and the well-being of loved ones are at stake. More than that, Imogen shared her wealth of knowledge in a timely and relatable fashion, explaining the process in just the right amount of detail as she went. During the actual hearing, I was deeply thankful for the way Imogen commanded the courtroom, while all the time remaining respectful and cordial to the other party. It really is an art that Imogen has perfected. 

I felt understood; as explained earlier, my case felt like her own; yet Imogen did not spare me the reality of my situation and of the possible outcomes, both positive and negative. I found Imogen’s open demeanour attentive, kind and considerate at all times. The hearing lasted over half the week and Imogen remained reassuringly consistent in her approach with everyone around her. Although it is often said that you are your own expert in the case since it is yours, there were times Imogen picked up on a point even I, with all my knowledge of the case (since I was the one who lived it), had overlooked. Her tireless attention to detail and ability to pull threads together was remarkable and made all the difference to the outcome. Imogen is a credit to her profession and I will always be grateful that she took my case on and gave it her all the way she did. I would highly recommend Imogen to anyone who wants the best of both worlds; compassionate, clear communication, combined with wealth of knowledge and experience, second to none.

She is a regular contributor to Family Law LexisNexis: The evolution of spousal maintenance – where are we now? February 2020 and Financial remedies after Covid-19, what can we expect? The founder of the Pump Court Breakfast Briefing she hosts lively and informative events for family law professionals.

In addition, she is a family law arbitrator in financial remedies under IFLA “Institute of Family Law Arbitrators”

Legal Services

Imogen’s work is centred on financial remedies, including married and cohabiting couples and private law children cases. She brings commitment, excellent negotiation skills and sound judgment to her cases. In her work she is known for her tactical experience and legal expertise. She is patient, a good listener and strives to build a caring and supportive relationship with her clients. Her warmth and compassion belie a steely determination to achieve the optimum result. Often the best results can be achieved through negotiation but this is not always possible.

In court, Imogen uses her eloquence and advocacy to full advantage. She is available to advise during every stage of the case and is happy to speak to solicitors in confidence prior to instruction. Her strong interpersonal skills mean she is comfortable dealing with people from all walks of life. Her clients include company directors, professionals and musicians. She aims to provide an excellent service to all, regardless of wealth or status.

Selected Cases

X v X (2020)

Setting aside a financial remedy order following the making of a final order in the husband’s absence. Consideration given to the implications of Covid-19.

Y v Y (2019)

A case where there were alleged to be substantial assets held abroad in Nigeria. Both parties were medical consultants. The case involved expert evidence as to valuations of property, tax and pensions. A successful outcome was achieved for the client.

R v R (2019)

A complex variation case under MCA 1973 Section 31, involving a substantial £3 Million pension pot. A successful outcome was achieved for the client.

X v X (2018)

Complex litigation, involving MCA 1973 S. 25(2)(g), where one party had dissipated hundreds of thousands of pounds. Consideration of all the possible outcomes and in particular the relevance of MAP v MFP [2015] EWHC 627, given one of the parties’ mental health.

T v G (2018)

Schedule 1 to Children Act 1989 case involving internationally recognised musicians. A successful outcome was achieved for the mother and the case settled without the need for a contested hearing. The case was sensitive as the parties were high profile in the music industry.

D v D (2017)

Case involving a property tycoon with substantial business and property interests. There was satellite litigation in the Chancery Division that had to be considered during the progression of the case.

W v W (2017)

An unusual case where the District Judge was asked to make an interim remedy in respect of the parties’ dog. The court considered the interrelation between realty as in land and personal possessions. An interim order was made an Imogen’s client was permitted to see the dog. Wickes v Wickes [1999] Fam 65 and BR v VT [2015] EWHC 2727

M v M (2016)

Acting for a dentist who allegedly had offshore trusts in the British Virgin Islands. A complex case involving third party disclosure from the trustees, negotiations with the Inland Revenue regarding tax appeals and accountancy evidence. Court threatening to join the trustees and make indemnity costs orders in the event that disclosure did not take place.

M v M (2016) (UKHC)

High Court forum shopping case, involving consideration of the appropriate forum for financial remedies litigation. Whether the case should be tried in England and Wales or USA (Georgia). Heard before Mr Justice Holman.

B v B (2016)

Acting for the wife in a case involving a military pension, business accounts, where both parties had been in the medical profession.

G V R (2016)

Acting in a financial provision case where a notice to show cause application was made by the husband 8 years after the consent order had been lodged with the court. Successfully resisting the application on the part of the wife. Case involved potential cross-examination of a witness via video link from the Middle East.

M v M (2015)

Acting in a financial provision case involving a substantial property portfolio that required division following a long marriage. The case involved expert accountancy evidence.

A v AT (2014)

Acting for a wife seeking to vary a consent order under S 31 MCA 1973 to extend the term of maintenance beyond the child’s 21st birthday to enable her to remain in the former matrimonial home. A successful outcome was achieved.

Imogen undertakes complex private law children cases.  Below are some examples of her work.

Selected Cases

Z v Z

Acting for a party in a non-convention case where allegations of child abduction and were made. The children were brought to this country from an African nation. The case involved jurisdictional issues and consideration of expert evidence. All contact had stopped following the alleged unlawful removal but was re-instated by the court to included overnight stays. There were allegations of physical and emotional abuse and parental alienation. A children’s guardian was appointed for the children.

S v S (2020)

A complex relocation case, involving aspects of emotional abuse, parental alienation with the need for expert psychological evidence and the involvement of a children’s guardian. The case had cross-jurisdictional considerations and the need for mirror orders.

X v X (2020)

A private law case that involved parental alienation, allegations of domestic abuse and a request for psychological evidence. All contact had broken down. A successful outcome was achieved and all contact restored, including overnight stays.

Y v Z (2019)

Acting for a medical professional where child arrangements had broken down and no contact was taking place. Allegations of parental alienation were relevant to the determination and the court found in favour of my client. A shared care order was made and the judge declined to make a specific issues order in relation to schooling.

S v S (2018)

Successfully resisting an application for leave to remove three children from the jurisdiction to the USA. Acted for the father.

W v W (2018)

Case involving parental alienation where a 14-year -old boy was refusing to see his mother. The Family Separation Clinic was involved to see whether they could facilitate in the re-introduction. The case resulted in a successful outcome for the mother and child.

W v L (2018)

Child arrangements case where contact was re-instated, to include overnight contact after a gap. It involved sensitive issues and the introduction of the father’s new family.

W v W (2016)

Family Law Act injunction involving a wealthy elderly married couple. The issues in the case involved DOLS (deprivation of liberty safeguarding orders), multiple experts and the Official Solicitor. Imogen had to consider “Wookey capacity” and the ability of the court to make injunctions where a party was subject to DOLS.

O v O (2016)

Advising in an international relocation case and successfully resisting the relocation on behalf of the father of the child concerned.

M v T (2015) (UKHC)

High Court case on paternity and DNA samples from abroad. Required detailed consideration of the law as to the obtaining of DNA samples.

Re D (Natural Parent Presumption) (1999) (Court of Appeal) 1 FLR 134

Successful appeal on the right of a child to be brought up by a natural parent.

  • Inns of Court School of Law, London
  • LLB (Hons)
  • MCIArb – Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Western Circuit
  • Ecclesiastical Law Society
  • Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA)

Instructing Imogen Robins MCIArb

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