Pump Court Chambers

Pump Court Chambers is committed to ensuring that our website is accessible and easy to use for everyone, whether or not they have a disability. We aim to conform to typical website usability standards.

We have undertaken the following steps to enhance the accessibility of our website to all:

  • A sitemap can be accessed which has plain text links and can be navigated using the tab key.
  • Our images are accompanied with a text equivalent, so when an image cannot be accessed it will be described by alternative text.
  • Content and navigation of the website is intended to be fully functional and readable for users with older browsers.
  • Style of navigation remains consistent through the website.
  • Foreground and background colour combinations provide sufficient contract when viewed by someone with a colour deficiency or viewing the website on a black and white screen.
  • Large blocks of information are divided into more manageable groups where natural and appropriate.
  • We have clearly identified links and their target destinations.
  • Cascading style sheets are used for visual layout, and JavaScript is used to enhance usability and for decorative purposes, however pages are still fully accessible if these technologies are ignored or unsupported.
  • The website is responsive, so resizes appropriate depending on the window size or device it is viewed in.

If you are having any trouble viewing the website please contact us.

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