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Avoiding Negligence Claims

Webinar Archive 7th October 2020

Pump Court Chambers Inheritance, Wills & Probate team are pleased to bring you our latest lockdown lecture ‘Avoiding Negligence Claims’ presented by Julian Reed, Amy Berry, TEP and  Simon Lane.


In this webinar our speakers consider the following issues:

The duty to disappointed or intended beneficiaries
  • Negligent preparation of a will;
  • White v Jones [1995] 2 AC 207HL;
  • The Scope of the duty.

Damage Limitation
  • 10 ways to avoid professional negligence claims;
  • Remedying wills, trusts and deeds.

Navigating the Administration/ Avoiding and Managing Risks
  • Duties of the PR;
  • Whether the administration of the estate should be taken on at all;
  • What to do when it becomes clear that the firm is not able to deal with the administration – competence and capacity issues;
  • Identifying risk and particular issues such as
    – potential claims by or against an estate and the particular duties in those circumstance
    – friction between beneficiaries and or conflicts;
    – Domicile and tax;
    – Questions over the assets, including extent, legitimacy and criminality;
    – Solvency and debts.


To download a copy of the slides which accompany the Avoiding Negligence Claims webinar please click here.

If you have any further questions in relation to the webinar, please email Sean Collum.

If you like any further information of on  practice please contact our clerks via our switchboard on 020 7353 0711 or email: clerks@pumpcourtchambers.com

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