Private FDR

Private FDRs is a new service we have designed to meet the growing need for a non-court based resolution service for family finance cases. It involves using an independent third party – adopting a quasi-judicial role – to assist both parties to reach an agreement much in the way that a family judge does at a court-based FDR. The ‘judge’ will read and hear the cases advanced by each party and provide his or her opinion as to the likely outcome of the case should it proceed to a full final hearing or arbitration. The advantages to the parties include the fact that the ‘judge’ will be someone with proven expertise in this complex area, will have all day available to assist the parties (unlike the 1 hour slot conventionally allocated at court), will have prepared thoroughly for the meeting and will continue to assist the parties throughout the course of the day until agreement is reached.  
All those within Chambers who offer this service are financial remedies specialists who also sit as part time judges, arbitrators or civil mediators. 
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