Stephen Fielding - Mediation

Stephen is an experienced inheritance/probate mediator. He has mediated over one hundred inheritance/probate disputes, all but one of them resulting in a settlement.  These cases include disputes involving inheritance, family provision, incapacity and undue influence claims.  Most have had a high degree of emotion; many have been financially complex.

Stephen is expert in keeping lines of communication open, is not afraid of emotion and is financially literate; skills that ensure that settlements are reached.  Solicitors, clients and publications have noted Stephen’s talents describing him in the following terms:  “Robust in moving things on positively.” “A warm and calm demeanour which instantly sets people at ease.” “His intervention helped the parties to reality test effectively.” “Allows the parties to think aloud and consider more than one settlement route for themselves.” “Adopts a calm and measured approach to moving the process forward.” “My client was entrenched in his views.  Stephen was very good at getting him to budge.” “Did a good job on the day. He was very effective and our client was very happy.” “After two years of torment we can get on with our lives again, thanks in no small part to your efforts.  Thank you enormously for your skill and persistence – you couldn’t have done more.”

Recent cases include:

A dependent daughter against late father’s estate left entirely to second wife; value £150k. 

A brother against sister for pictures and other assets; claim £1m.

An estranged husband against a late wife’s estate for maintenance and pension provision.

The alleged destruction of a will and resistance to intestacy.

A first wife against a second wife for pension payments due to her but never implemented. Value £100k.

A niece alleging invalidity of later will under which her share was substantially diminished.  Estate value £4m; claim £850k.

A claim against a charity for reasonable provision.

A claim by a widow in possession of the matrimonial home for reasonable provision in face of husband’s leaving of his share in the matrimonial home to his daughter by his first wife. Claim value £300k.

A daughter of deceased given life interest in deceased’s house – issue of valuation of life interest being given up so as to enable distribution of proceeds of sale to other siblings.



Year of call: 1974
Areas of specialism:
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • City of London School and Christ Church, Oxford (modern languages open exhibitioner) MA Jurisprudence