Lucy Davis



Children Private Law

In private law proceedings Lucy's practice encompasses residence and contact cases and extends to all types of injunction hearings. She has a great deal of experience in cases involving domestic violence and has a particular interest in matters involving psychological harm. Her practice has also provided her with experience in matters containing an international element including abduction and leave to remove proceedings.

Recent cases include:

P v P (2009) Direct contact order obtained for client despite findings of serious physical, mental and sexual abuse against mother.

A v D (2011) Secured change of residence in father's favour following a lengthy and protracted contact dispute in which mother was deemed implacably hostile.

A v S (2012) Obtained order for a father to have contact with children despite him serving a significant sentence for attempted murder.

Children Public Law

Lucy has a significant experience in public law proceedings including cases involving medical evidence, allegations of sexual and physical abuse, non accidental injury, substance abuse and mental health issues. She is regularly instructed to represent local authorities, parents and grandparents and also accepts instructions from guardians. She has been involved in numerous High Court proceedings, technical appeals and matters involving the Official Solicitor.

Notable cases:

Re M (2013) Instructed in appeal in the High Court following a dispute over expert evidence on the cause of life threatening head injuries to a child.

Re L (2013) Secured care orders for children on behalf of local authority when concerns about risks presented by extended family justified dispensing with parents’ consent.

Re S (2012) Successfully appealed care and placement orders for children on the basis that the court had failed to properly take into account mother’s cessation of drug use. Overriding view of experts.

Family Finance

Lucy's practice in family finance cases ranges from matters requiring needs based solution to those of a high net worth. Her practice has extended to matters involving large pensions, foreign assets, businesses and intervening parties.

Notable cases include:

C v A (2009) During a dispute over assets of the marriage, persuaded the Court to disregard the previous criminal conduct of the husband which led to his imprisonment and to the dissolution of the marriage.

S v S (2010) Instructed expert evidence to defeat husband’s claims and evidence regarding dowry customs in India. Securing return of significant assets to abandoned wife.

W v W (2011) Successfully secured assets for a UK client when a foreign divorce was recognised in England but its terms were unenforceable in the UK.

B v B (2012) Acting for client in claim for assets valued at over £3m, including properties located in four jurisdictions. Involved allegations of intentional dissipation of assets and disagreements by experts on the value of spouse’s pension.


Lucy defends in criminal matters and is also a member of the Courts Martial team.


Year of call: 2003
Areas of specialism:
  • Children Private Law
  • Children Public Law
  • Courts Martial
  • Family Finance
  • Public Access and Direct Access