19th Dec 2014

Chambers opening hours over the christmas and new period will be as follows:

17th Dec 2014

’an application that could not have been more unpleasant to watch had Leading Counsel brought a basket of kittens into the hearing and proceeded to stamp on them one by one'.

8th Dec 2014

Pump Court Chambers is very sorry to report the passing of Gary Morton who sadly died over the weekend following a short illness.

28th Nov 2014

The Coroner hearing the Inquest into the death of Stephen Mayoll has made an official report over concerns that local policies may lead to future deaths....

21st Nov 2014

Naomi Gyane has successfully defended a man charged with having an offensive weapon, following a four day crown court trial.

20th Nov 2014

A serving soldier with 9 Theatre Logistics Regiment was found not guilty of rape on November 18th following a four day Court Martial at Bulford Military Court Centre.

10th Nov 2014

Pump Court Chambers is delighted to announce that Monika Sobiecki has been awarded the 2014 Sydney Elland Goldsmith Bar Pro Bono Award. The award which was presented to Ms.

7th Nov 2014

Pump Court Chambers is delighted to anounce that on Tuesday 18th November Inner Temple Drama Society will be hosting the latest play by Nigel Pascoe QC 'Last Call to San Giorgio'.

4th Nov 2014

Read Claudia Lorenzo's artcile relating to the case of Swetenham v Walkley [2014] WTL, a case on “living together as husband and wife in the same household”.

3rd Nov 2014

James Newton-Price successfully prosecuted double arsonist, Shao Teng Wang, a Chinese student at Southampton University, for setting two fires to university flats in Manchester and Southampton within 24 hours of each other.


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