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We operate a general policy of expansion and seek applications from excellent, established practitioners in all areas and through careful selection of pupils, clerks and administrative support.

Applications are overseen by the Pupillage and Tenancy Committee.



We thrive on diversity.  We celebrate that our members come from diverse ethnic, racial, religious and social backgrounds. We are made up of 41% of female barristers and that our barristers have different religious, political and philosophical views, and different sexual orientation.  

We are one of only 3 (we think) sets of chambers in the UK which is led by a BME silk: Oba Nsugbe QC and prior to our former joint head of chambers' appointment to the bench (HHJ Jane Miller QC) we were the only set of chambers in the UK led by a female silk and a BME silk.  

The age range in chambers spans from 19 to 75.  We have a strong LGBT presence in chambers.  We speak the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swiss German, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese (Mandarin) and English (with a variety of regional accents!)  

We strive to comply with the Bar Council's Equality and Diversity Code and have our own policy which is available on request. We make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees and members and we regularly review our parental leave, flexible working, harassment and equal opportunities policies.  

Claire Fox is our Equality & Diversity Officer.