Inheritance Mediation

The Pump Court Inheritance Mediation Service provides a panel of mediators who are specialists in resolving inheritance related disputes. Our expert mediators have substantial experience of practice both as barrister and as mediators in this area of law.  The mediation service covers the full range of disputes undertaken within our Inheritance, Wills and Probate Team, so as well as problems arising under the 1975 Act we can mediate an enormous range of issues including capacity, undue influence, want of knowledge and approval, administration issues and intestacy problems.


All our mediators have been trained by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) Group and have been accredited mediators for in excess of 5 years. Our mediators joined the panel because they believe, from hands on experience of both the court process and mediation, that mediation offers a far better route to resolution of most inheritance disputes than the court process.


The reasons to mediate inheritance disputes are many and include:

  • Saving litigation costs: in inheritance cases litigation costs can easily become disproportionate
  • Speed: a mediation can be arranged within days or weeks, not months
  • Flexibility: the parties can agree solutions outside the powers of the courts
  • Informality: those suffering from bereavement do not need, in addition, the stress of litigation
  • Preserving/restoring family relationships: litigation damages relationships; mediation has the capacity to restore them.


Client Testimonials


"I am grateful to you for your assistance in the matter and was delighted to have both Amy Berry and Mark Dubbery involved in the mediation. Since my arrival from the Midlands in 2012 this case was my first experience using your chambers and I can confidently say it will not be the last"


"Amy’s considered, thoughtful and measured approach together with her expert knowledge of family dispute work was first class and she is in my opinion a real star. I have instructed many barristers during my 40 plus years in the profession and I will have no hesitation in recommending Amy to my colleagues."


"Previously I have had mixed experiences of professional mediators some of whom are very able and some who are very poor. Mark is very much in the former category as I am sure you will be well aware."


Leslie Samuels QC,  Stephen Fielding (Associate Member),  Mark Dubbery, Andrew Grime, Annie Ward, Simon LaneAmy BerryTara Lyons