Family Arbitration

We are delighted to announce that we are able to offer 2 new services in financial remedies cases at Pump Court Chambers – Private FDRs (or ‘early neutral evaluation’) and IFLA approved arbitrations. 
Arbitration is a new service developed in conjunction with the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (‘IFLA’) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (‘CIArb’). The IFLA arbitration process has been endorsed by the President of the Family Division in the case of S v S (Financial Remedies: Arbitral Award) [2014] EWHC 7 (Fam) and now the Practice Guidance issued on 23 November 2015 entitled ‘Arbitration in the Family Court’.
If both parties agree to arbitrate this creates a binding process under which the arbitrator will determine the issues between the parties. In the vast majority of cases the parties will simply present the arbitral award to the court as a consent order or the court will enforce the award. 
Under our Arbitration service:
  • The parties can select an arbitrator with experience and expertise in this area. Both barristers at Pump Court Chambers offering this service are specialist practitioners trained under the IFLA scheme.
  • A suitable venue can be chosen which allows for a more informal process with refreshments and space for private discussions.
  • There is no delay – the process can be started and completed very quickly with no need to wait for court time to be available.
  • The process is fully confidential. 
  • There is quick and efficient access to the arbitrator by telephone and email to resolve case management issues as they arise.
  • The process can run in conjunction with a Private FDR (although the arbitrator and evaluator will need to be different people) so as to provide a complete financial remedies solution.
  • The service covers financial remedies applications on divorce and also claims under the I(PFD)A 1975 and the TOLATA 1996.
Arrangements for an arbitration can be made very quickly. For example, if the court has adjourned or vacated a final hearing at short notice agreeing to arbitration will ensure that all the preparation work and fees already incurred are put to good use.
The barristers within Chambers that offer this service are:
We are happy to offer a fixed fee quotation for the arbitration service. For further information please contact our senior family team clerk, Tony Atkins, on 020-7373-0711 or