CPD & Training

Pump Court Chambers provide CPD accredited seminars and tailored in-house seminars in all major areas of law and several specialists fields. Members also speak regularly at seminars and conferences in conjunction with other professional organisation.

In addition to Seminars we also run PumpCourt CPD.  This is a portal set up to host the numerous newsletters produced by the various teams in chambers and to allow the receipients to claim CPD once they have read them and undertaken a test. 

The Employment Practice Group have launched Pump Court Chambers Costs Reports (PCCR), a regular series of costs reports in employment cases.  To access the reports click here.

If you would like to receive a newsletter in a particular area or PCCR, please contact clerks@pumpcourtchambers.com or telephone on 0207 353 0711 or 01962 833214.


For further information or to arrange a bespoke in-house seminar please contact either Dave Barber, Chief Clerk  (01962 833234) email d.barber@pumpcourtchambers.com.