Post date: 6th Aug 2015
By Eleanor Bruce

Appealing out of time decisions and the importance of procedural rules for litigants in persons within public law family proceedings.

Post date: 3rd Aug 2015
By Simon Purkis

The recent Court of Appeal case of Re B (A CHILD) (2015) is a reminder of the difficultly in successfully appealing a well-reasoned interim order.

Post date: 21st Jul 2015
By Jennifer Swan

Considering the subject matter, the 2014 Supreme Court judgment in Re K (a child) (Northern Ireland) [2014] UKSC 29 caused few ripples in the general consciousness of the family bar.

Post date: 17th Jul 2015
By Heather Platt

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) & B. Wilson v WW Realisation 1 Ltd (in liquidation) & Ethel Austin Ltd & Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills C80/14


Post date: 15th Jul 2015
By Heather Platt

Not the latest cupcake, popcake, cronut or yumdough! But the case of Gareth Lee v Ashers Baking Co Ltd & Colin McArthur Ltd & Karen McArthur Ltd heard in the High Court of Belfast last month.

Post date: 8th Jul 2015
By Jack Rundall

The recent case of MAP v MFP [2015] EWHC 627 (Fam) may have further restricted the availability of ‘add-back’ arguments by suggesting that the husband’s expenditure was part of his “complex character” which his spouse must accept as the downside to a personality which enabled him to m

Post date: 24th Jun 2015
By Heather Platt

What’s this all about then? There is now a ban on clauses in zero hours contracts which prevent workers from holding other jobs at the same time.


Post date: 1st Jun 2015
By Heather Platt

Well, we avoided May bank holiday standstill on our railways.  However, Network Rail have announced that they will strike in June 2015 on two days as the RMT workers are left with no option, following the latest pay offer from Network Rail.   The rail workers have been offered very small pay rise

Post date: 26th May 2015
By Annie Ward

I have been told to write a blog. I do not really know what a blog is so bear with me while I simply rant on for 500 words about family law in 2015.

Post date: 22nd May 2015
By Stuart McGhee

Barder v Caluori [1988] remains ever the response to the often posed question as to how final is a final order.  Even where there are events or discoveries post order, they of course do not always amount to a Barder event.  A recent consideration of this now 27 year old authority demonst


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