Post date: 5th Oct 2015
By Lucy Plumpton

The Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 (Criminal Courts Charge) Regulations 2015 continue to drive judicial despair and resignations from the lay bench. Lucy Plumpton addresses an issue which raises the prospect of further injustice for Defendants.


Post date: 2nd Oct 2015
By Mark Ruffell

There have been two recent important cases, Squier and Enemuwe, on the vexed question of the use that professional disciplinary panels are entitled to make of Court of Appeal judgments in related criminal cases.  Squier must now be regarded as the leading authority on t

Post date: 1st Oct 2015
By Matthew Scott

Rajkumar (June 2015)

Providing drug without prescription – vulnerable patient – invitation to patient to collude in malpractice.



Post date: 28th Sep 2015
By Matthew Scott

The laws of Rugby are notoriously incomprehensible to most spectators, many players and some referees.  But if you thought the rules about behaviour in the scrum were murky, spare a thought for the galaxy of rugby loving legal luminaries who administer an equally complex set of disciplinary rules

Post date: 25th Sep 2015
By Mark Ruffell

Does the widely disliked “Big Pharma” bribe doctors with free gifts and hospitality?

Post date: 21st Sep 2015
By Richard Hall

Often people will ask me whether the Bar and the Courtroom exchanges are really like it is portrayed on television in programmes like ‘Silk’ or ‘Judge John Deed’ and, for those of you old enough to remember, ‘Crown Court’.

Post date: 2nd Sep 2015
By Tara Lyons

Background on the relevant law


Post date: 25th Aug 2015
By Zoe Rudd

Once a child is adopted this severs all legal ties with the birth family and establishes a new legal relationship with the adopters family. Often these adoptions are considered to be enabling the child to be a part of a forever family.

Post date: 24th Aug 2015
By Martin Blount

Undertakings in financial remedy orders are commonplace but the recent case of Birch v Birch [2015] EWCA Civ 833

Post date: 13th Aug 2015
By Corinne Iten

The finding of fact hearing that was the subject of a recent appeal in Re G (A Child) [2015] EWCA Civ 834 puts into perspective what advocates (and indeed judges) may co


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