Post date: 14th Dec 2015
By Leslie Samuels QC

Local authorities must be very concerned about the spate of recent cases in which parents, other family members and former ‘looked after children’ have sought damages for the alleged failure by an authority to exercise their powers lawfully or for abuse suffered whilst in their care.

Post date: 8th Dec 2015
By Maria Henty

The case of C does not change the law, it offers little by way of legal analysis or significant upheaval. However, it should not be overlooked; the judgment of Peter Jackson J provides a concise, clear, and moving appraisal of the law concerning the withdrawal of life sustaining medical treatment in children.

Post date: 30th Nov 2015
By John Chapman

I’ve encountered more than my fair share of tricky litigants in person in recent weeks. A low point was at a difficult FDR when my client’s husband snatched my carefully crafted, handwritten offer and screwed it in to a ball, without giving it so much as a passing glance.

Post date: 27th Nov 2015
By Heather Platt

Langstaff HHJ (the President of the EAT) has today handed down judgment in the case of Beckford v London Borough of Southwark UKEAT/0210/14/JOJ

The appeal deals with two points which are of importance:

Post date: 23rd Nov 2015
By Geoffrey Kelly

We have all been involved in representing clients who appear to have engaged in some form of criminal conduct during the course of the marriage.   In financial remedy proceedings this usually takes the form of tax evasion or cheating the revenue.


Post date: 19th Nov 2015
By Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee sets out the courts' approach when considering a barring order under section 91(14) of the Children Act 1989. As first featured in the Family Law Journal in November 2015.

Post date: 19th Nov 2015
By Penny Howe QC

Section 20 of the Children Act 1989 concerns the LA’s duty to provide a child with somewhere to live when he or she has no home, or no safe home.  It ensures a child is provided for when no-one holds parental responsibility; or the child has been lost or abandoned; or the person who has been cari

Post date: 2nd Nov 2015
By Mark Ruffell

Centaur Overland Travel Ltd v. TfL 2014/237 01.06.2015


Post date: 12th Oct 2015
By Richard Tutt

More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time according to Department for Transport figures.

Post date: 6th Oct 2015
By Mark Ruffell

For anyone involved in transport law, safety is always the first priority and concern of any regulator or court.


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