Post date: 15th Feb 2016
By Jennifer Swan
I’ll begin with some depressing facts;
* 1 women is killed every 3 days by a partner or ex partner
Post date: 12th Feb 2016
By Naomi Gyane

The beginning of last year brought publication of Sir Brian Leveson’s Review on Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings. As a result of the Review all efforts are presently focused on Better Case Management (BCM) in the Crown Court.

Post date: 1st Feb 2016
By Paul Mertens
On the 24th January 2016, Mr Justice Mostyn issued updated guidance on the conduct of financial remedy proceedings in the High Court (see here).  
Post date: 29th Jan 2016
By Mark Ruffell
5.10.2015 - Latest road death statistics
Post date: 27th Jan 2016
By Mark Ruffell
Post date: 25th Jan 2016
By Victoria Ellis

It is a well-established practice that members of the same chambers or firm frequently appear alongside or against each other in court. Such connections do not normally raise any legal eyebrows.

Post date: 6th Jan 2016
By Timothy Akers

The definition of “pages of prosecution evidence” (“PPE”) in Schedule 2 of the Criminal Defence Service (Funding) Order 2007 (“the Funding Order”) has evolved over time. There has, of late, been a proliferation of decisions of cost judges on the subject and it is outside the scope of this article to consider them all in detail.

Post date: 6th Jan 2016
By Lucy Plumpton

This judgment from November 2015 is in line with a number of recent medical best interests cases which have emphasised P’s wishes and feelings.

Post date: 4th Jan 2016
By Mark Ruffell
Post date: 22nd Dec 2015
By Jack Rundall

The question of what can be done in complex private law proceedings where the court is of the view that a parent is unable to represent him or herself has understandably been dominating legal headlines.


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