Post date: 2nd Mar 2016
By Eleanor Bruce
The parties (Mother (“M”) and Father (“F”)) were involved in a dispute regarding their 12-year-old daughter (“L”). Cross-applications were made by them, M applying to remove L from England and Wales to take her to Germany, and F applying for a child arrangements order regarding his contact with L.
Post date: 29th Feb 2016
By Mark Ruffell

What will it mean for Traffic Commissioners, Operators and Practitioners?

Post date: 25th Feb 2016
By Julian Reed
Black LJ (Patten LJ and Baker J agreed) emphasised the need for full cooperation in ancillary relief proceedings. 
Post date: 22nd Feb 2016
By Martin Blount

Practitioners have an array of authorities on the issue of how to calculate the entitlement of spouses to a pension sharing order or the calculation of a capital sum to compensate a party for the loss of pension rights.

Post date: 19th Feb 2016
By Annie Ward

It’s good to know that some jurisdictions still have healthy regard for pointless rules.

Post date: 17th Feb 2016
By Nigel Pascoe QC

It is important to realise that those sitting in regulatory proceedings may have a wide and varied perception of the meaning of Dishonesty.  

Post date: 17th Feb 2016
By Mark Ruffell

It has not been an easy few months for healthcare providers’ biggest regulator the Care Quality Commission. 

Post date: 16th Feb 2016
By Sean Collum
Post date: 15th Feb 2016
By Mark Ruffell


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