Post date: 26th Jul 2018
By Jack Rundall

The background to this case will be well-known to many practitioners so this post will not repeat it. Instead, it focuses on two criticisms made by the Supreme Court about the way in which Mrs Owens’ petition was case managed which, it is suggested, will have unfortunate consequences for those of us working in this field.

Post date: 5th Jul 2018
By Julian Reed

In dismissing A’s appeal, the court illustrated the need to carefully cross-examine a witness and make detailed submissions, as opposed to raising issues on appeal. It also demonstrates the need to invite the trial judge to clarify/amplify his reasons.


Post date: 10th May 2018
By Mark Ruffell

Mark Ruffell looks at sentencing for perverting the course of justice.

Post date: 16th Mar 2018
By Ezra Macdonald

The case of Reilly v Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council [2018] UKSC 16 is – understandably – drawing a large amount of commentary,

Post date: 12th Feb 2018
By Ezra Macdonald

Did the EAT err in law in finding that a member of an LLP who acts “reasonably” in withdrawing his labour will not, as a matter of law, act wrongfully or in repudiatory breach of the LLP members’ agreement, and accordingly may be awarded losses flowing from a subsequent expulsion pursuant to the

Post date: 29th Jan 2018
By Ezra Macdonald

In the recent decision in Okedina v Chikale UKEAT/0152/17/RN the EAT (HHJ Eady QC) considered the question of when a Claimant’s contract of employment would be said to be illegal by virtue of the operation of immig

Post date: 3rd Jan 2018
By Ezra Macdonald

Ezra Macdonald provides a brief round-up of reported TUPE cases from 2017.

Post date: 12th Dec 2017
By Ezra Macdonald

When considering whether a dismissal is an automatically unfair “whistleblowing” dismissal, is it permissible to consider the mental processes of anyone other than the decision-taker? In particular, what if the decision-taker was “manipulated” by another of the Respondent’s employees?

Post date: 4th Dec 2017
By Ezra Macdonald

When is an employer liable for the criminal actions of a rogue employee in disclosing personal information of co-employees on the web?

Post date: 1st Dec 2017
By Heather Platt

The issue of religious discrimination in the work place is a sensitive one which employers need to consider carefully.


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