Post date: 12th Dec 2017
By Ezra Macdonald

When considering whether a dismissal is an automatically unfair “whistleblowing” dismissal, is it permissible to consider the mental processes of anyone other than the decision-taker? In particular, what if the decision-taker was “manipulated” by another of the Respondent’s employees?

Post date: 4th Dec 2017
By Ezra Macdonald

When is an employer liable for the criminal actions of a rogue employee in disclosing personal information of co-employees on the web?

Post date: 1st Dec 2017
By Heather Platt

The issue of religious discrimination in the work place is a sensitive one which employers need to consider carefully.

Post date: 30th Nov 2017
By Ezra Macdonald

The decision of the CJEU in King v Sash Windows C-214/16 CJEU has been widely reported and discussed.

Post date: 1st Nov 2017
By Paul Mertens

Paul Mertens reviews the recent decision of Howlett v Davies [2017] EWCA Civ 1696, the first case in which the Court of Appeal has considered the approach to “fundamental dishonesty” as an exception to Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) under CPR 44.16(1).

Post date: 24th Oct 2017
By Mark Ruffell

In Martin, the legal interpretation of the word ‘supply’ in the context of ‘being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug to another’ was significantly altered, changing the way that it had been understood for the previous 29 years.

Post date: 3rd Oct 2017
By Heather Platt

It is no secret that there are immense pressures upon teaching staff in UK schools at present. Teacher shortages, increased workloads, and constant assessments have lead to stressful working environments across the country.

Post date: 20th Sep 2017
By Rachel Spearing

Rachel Spearing presents a guide for solicitors to navigate advising clients on the current approach to joint enterprise and accomplices.

Post date: 26th Jul 2017
By Heather Platt

Tribunal Fees: What we suspected all along! No impact on tribunal costs, no impact on reducing unmeritorious claims, indirectly discriminatory to women and did not result in more ACAS settlements.

Post date: 18th Apr 2017
By Julian Reed
This case illustrates the need for care when approaching probate claims.


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