Nigerian Law

With the economy growing at 7%  per annum, and rapid expansion in sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, entertainment and agriculture, Nigeria is projected to become one of the 20 largest economies in the world by 2025.  The importance of timely and business orientated legal advice in underpinning this economic growth is self-evident.

Through its Head of Chambers, Oba Nsugbe QC, SAN, Pump Court Chambers has been providing expert legal advice in Nigerian law for over twenty years. In this time, he has advised individuals, the Nigerian and State governments, the NNPC, and numerous corporates and multi-national companies on all aspects of Nigerian Law. He has acted as an expert witness on Nigerian Law, in the High Court, Crown and County Courts of England and Wales. His dual qualification as a barrister and QC in both the English and Nigerian jurisdictions, bring a unique and in depth understanding of the legal systems in both countries.  With its offices in the Temple in London, and through a close network of select Nigerian law firms in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, Pump Court Chambers is able to provide extensive and responsive support to clients operating internationally and in Nigeria.


Recent cases include:

  • Acted for Personal Assistant to former Nigerian Governor charged with money laundering in substantial case before UK courts
  • Acted for Investment Banker alleged to have established and controlled offshore trusts on behalf of Nigerian Governor designed to launder millions of dollars from Nigeria
  • Acting as arbitrator in large contractual dispute involving multinational contracted to store and distribute petroleum in Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Advising UK solicitors on Nigerian law of damages in major oil spill claim involving UK based multinational
  • Advising UK solicitors representing media company alleged to have slandered well known Nigerian individual in a radio programme aired in UK
  • Advising UK company on contractual dispute involving supply of security equipment to African country
  • Advising UK based professional on applicability of Bribery Act 2010 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to actions of large multinational utility company with business in Nigeria
  • Advising a large multinational investment bank on validity of pension funds managed by it under Nigerian Law
  • Advising a multinational tobacco company on large scale litigation in Nigeria with numerous parties and claimants
  • Acting for Lagos State in large scale arbitration involving Enron
  • Acting for Norwegian based insurers and marine geophysical company in arbitration involving collision between vessel and offshore platform in Nigerian coastal waters
  • Advising another medium sized tobacco company on validity of agreements under Nigerian Law entered into with Nigerian company for production and storage of tobacco
  • Acting as arbitrator in substantial arbitration involving a multinational oil company and its Nigerian oil services party where breaches of contracts and bailment alleged
  • Advising multinational bank seeking to establish card services in Nigeria on compliance with applicable regulatory and banking regulations
  • Advising large Nigerian construction company over contractual dispute with local company constructing a hotel in Lagos
  • Advising local Nigerian company on complex construction dispute with developer re: Lekki Expressway construction
  • Acting for Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation on validity of asset disposal in UK by failed Nigerian Bank
  • Acting for UK pilot suing Virgin Nigeria for breach of contract in the Lagos High Court
  • Acting as expert witness on Nigerian Law for the largest African Hotel Group in arbitral dispute with leading Nigerian company in which a multi million dollar claim for damages made for alleged breaches of agency and marketing agreements in establishment of 5 star hotel in Nigeria.


Oba Nsugbe QC

Tel: 020 7353 0711


Year of call: 1985

He is qualified in both the UK and Nigeria and is highly experienced in the courts of both countries. He advises the Nigerian Federal Government,...