Courts Martial

The Courts Martial group provides highly experienced, professional advocates in this specialist field who understand the existence, requirements and structure of tri-service life and the procedures of Courts Martial.

As well as appearing in Bulford, Colchester, Catterick and Portsmouth, members of our group regularly appear in Germany, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. We have represented all ranks ranging from Private soldiers to Colonels in the Army, and their equivalents in the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

We all have a thorough working knowledge of the Armed Forces Act 2006. Indeed, members of our group attended at the MOD main building in Whitehall during its draft stage and many have lectured on it subsequently. We regularly appear in relation to alleged offences of:

  • AWOL
  • Desertion
  • Dishonesty
  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Insubordination
  • Neglect of duty and misconduct
  • Road traffic offences
  • Sexual offences
  • Violence


Nigel Pascoe QC's picture

Nigel Pascoe QC

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1966

Nigel undertakes Courts Martial work and has represented a senior Army officer charged with extensive fraud.

James Newton-Price QC's picture

James Newton-Price QC

01962 868161

Year of call: 1992

Frank Abbott's picture

Frank Abbott

01962 868161

Year of call: 1972

Michael Butt's picture

Michael Butt

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1974

Charles Gabb's picture

Charles Gabb

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1975

Matthew Scott's picture

Matthew Scott

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1985

Matthew has considerable experience defending in Courts Martial both in this country and abroad.  He has achieved acquittals for senior officers...

Justin Gau's picture

Justin Gau

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1989

Mark Ruffell's picture

Mark Ruffell

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1992

Mark has defended in many Courts Martial in the United Kingdom and in Germany.  Notable case: Fraud: R. v. Soldier F & Others: 2008...

Mark Ashley's picture

Mark Ashley

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1993

He was instructed in the first War Crimes trial held in the UK and went on to complete two years as counsel representing a core participant in...

Tom Wilkins's picture

Tom Wilkins

01962 868161

Year of call: 1993

Sarah Jones's picture

Sarah Jones

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1996

Sarah appears in court martials and has recently defended: LBdr W who pleaded guilty to a serious assault but retained rank and career...

Anne Brown's picture

Anne Brown


Year of call: 2000

Anne also defends senior and junior ranked military personnel in Court Martial hearings, covering a range of violent, sexual, drug and fraud offences...

Richard Tutt's picture

Richard Tutt

01962 868161

Year of call: 2000

Regularly appears in Courts Martial cases both in this country and abroad, and has done throughout his practice.  Has represented ranks ranging...

Timothy Akers's picture

Timothy Akers

01962 868161

Year of call: 2005

Tim is an experienced military law practitioner who regularly represents members of the Armed Forces in the UK and abroad. Recent cases include...

Rachel Troup's picture

Rachel Troup

01962 868161

Year of call: 2005

Andrew Stone's picture

Andrew Stone

01793 539899

Year of call: 2011