Alternative Dispute Resolution

Most parties involved in a dispute wish to avoid going to court if at all possible. We offer a range of services to assist parties to resolve their issues in a much more modern, focused and cost-effective manner.

Those services include:


Oba Nsugbe QC

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1985

Oba has extensive international arbitration experience both as an arbitrator and as Counsel. Ongoing and recent arbitration cases Include...

Leslie Samuels QC

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1989

Leslie is an experienced family and civil practitioner and is an ADR trained civil mediator. Leslie’s area of specialisation within...

Stewart Patterson

01962 868161

Year of call: 1967

Stewart Patterson undertakes work as an arbitrator or mediator in all civil matters.  He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators...

Frank Abbott

01962 868161

Year of call: 1972

Frank Abbott  is well known for his powerful advocacy, his humanity and kindness and is extremely well liked for his consolatory and dignified...

Charles Parry

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1973

An experienced criminal and administrative court practitioner and accredited mediator, specializing in regulatory, crime and associated areas of work...

Stephen Fielding

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1974

Stephen is an experienced inheritance/probate mediator. He has mediated over one hundred inheritance/probate disputes, all but one of them resulting...

Julie Mackenzie

01793 539899

Year of call: 1978

Julie Mackenzie qualified as a mediator with ADR in 2005 and undertakes Family mediations including both matrimonial finance and issues relating both...

Kevin Haven

01962 868161 / 020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1982

Beyond qualifying as a mediator Kevin has further trained in workplace/employment mediation and in Advanced Mediation Skills. Kevin will carry out...

Christopher Wilkins

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1993

Mark Dubbery

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 1996

Mark is an experienced barrister and mediator adept at cutting through legal and factual complexities and focusing on the parties’ real needs...

Andrew Grime

01793 539899

Year of call: 1997

Andrew was trained by ADR and accredited as a mediator in 2005 since when he has been involved in many mediations covering a wide variety of...

Annie Ward

01962 868161

Year of call: 1997

As an ADR accredited mediator, and mediation advocate, Annie is increasingly resolving disputes before they get to trial. She is effective at...

Heather Platt

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 2002

Heather has recently trained with the ADR Group and is an expert Workplace Mediator. Heather's practice in employment and discrimination law...

Simon Lane

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 2002

Simon has been accredited mediator since 2006. He has undertaken many mediations both as mediatior and as advocate. Examples include: - Contested...

Amy Berry

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 2003

Tara Lyons

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 2005

Tara is an accomplished barrister and an accredited mediator who combines a gentle and engaging manner with an incisive and analytical approach to...

Jennifer Lee

020 7353 0711

Year of call: 2007