Areas of Expertise

As a large common law set, we boast strength in breadth and depth. We cover almost every conceivable legal problem that life throws up from cradle to grave and beyond!

Our barristers are true specialists in the law relating to children, the breakdown of relationships, divorce, adoption and care proceedings, road traffic accidents and motoring offences, inheritance problems and issues with wills, bullying or discrimination at school or at work, redundancy, company takeovers, partnership agreements, domestic abuse, rape, murder, defamation, property and land disputes, drugs, fraud, noisy or inconsiderate neighbours and misconduct allegations brought by professional bodies such as the armed forces, police, Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

We have specialist leading lights in more niche areas such as Nigerian Law, Equestrian Law, Ecclesiastical Law, Judicial Review particularly of decisions made by Local Authorities and Construction Law. What’s more, our barristers are not stuffy and old fashioned: we are warm, friendly and approachable: we want to achieve the best outcome for the case. We are masters of trial advocacy. We have rigorous standards and are well known for our courtroom experience.

The areas we cover fall broadly into the categories listed on the left.